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X03: RalliSport 2 confirmed

As promised!

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And so it begins...

RalliSport Challenge 2 has been officially confirmed for next year at X03 this evening in Nice. The game will support multiplayer via Xbox Live and rally leagues and large tournaments will be controlled via Microsoft's statistical umbrella service - XSN Sports.

This time players will be racing across Australia, the frozen Nordic, the Pacific Northwest and elsewhere in the five rally sports (see what they did!) on offer. In terms of vehicles, RSC2 will include more than 40, including some from the banned B group (which Colin McRae 4 also pillages for inspiration). Players will even be able to make minor modifications to cars between races.

Graphically RSC2 can be expected to live up to the visual prowess of its predecessor, with extremely flimsy bodywork, shatterable windows and other breakable aspects, throbbing away from behind the mask of new weather effects, while new camera angles will focus on spectacular crashes.

According to the schedule we've seen, RSC2 is due out in February next year. We'll bring you shots as soon as they're beamed home!

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