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X03: Race Driver 2 exclusive to Xbox

Ha! Guessed right!

Oh ho ho. Muahaha. Somehow, despite all the odds (and oodles of booze, as you can surely tell), your trusty correspondent guessed this one would be an Xbox exclusive. Why else announce it at X03?

Anyway, Microsoft clearly likes Codemasters' Race Driver 2, because it's the second highest entry on a list of "games at X03" that includes Namco's stunning-looking Breakdown (footage tomorrow if you're lucky!), DOA Online, Deus Ex: Invisible War and Full Spectrum Warrior to name a few.

According to the text, Race Driver 2 is exclusive to Xbox, Live-enabled and the Codies' most ambitious motor-racing game to date. We're looking forward to telling you what it's like in more detail when Kristan and Rob beam back their thoughts on the show tomorrow morning...

...and that's not just them being lazy. That's "there being no internet connection in the whole of France".