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Rebellion acquires Core Design

Core to continue on SCi project.

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Rebellion has confirmed the signing of a new agreement with SCi Entertainment to purchase the staff and physical assets of Core Design, the Derby-based studio behind the original series of Tomb Raider games.

Staff will continue to work with SCi on a new project, but the studio will operate under a different name. The Core Design name and intellectual properties will be retained by Eidos. Financial details of the agreement were not disclosed.

Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley said the company was "delighted" to have completed the deal, adding: "With next-gen development upon us now, and publisher requirements changing, this studio’s deep and experienced talent allows us to continue to compete at a global level... Together with our business plan for 2006, it's our goal to develop Rebellion further."

The news comes just weeks after Rebellion confirmed its acquisition of Strangelite Studios, which is now working on two undisclosed titles for PC and next-gen consoles. Core was one of the studios acquired by SCi as part of their Eidos takeover in May 2005.

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