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NVIDIA wants 3D mobiles

But "content is key".

In a speech delivered yesterday in London, Brian Bruning - director of handheld content for NVIDIA - issued a call to action for the industry to "explore and innovate in the field of 3D graphics."

However, Bruning went on to concede that the option to play 3D games is not enough to compel most consumers to purchase a specific handset.

"It's a small sub-set who will buy a phone because it's got 3D graphics capabilities for games," he said.

"It's probably not the killer app. Content is key - it's the reason why people will spend the extra money."

Bruning predicted that the mobile phone will one day fulfill all the functions of gadgets such as iPods, video cameras and handheld consoles to become "the world's greatest consumer device," and that 3D gaming will become a standard functionality for future handsets.

"Embrace 3D - consumers expect it, your competitors will embrace it and your applications can benefit," he concluded.