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The voice of Solid Snake, er... speaks


Metal Gear Solid fansite Operation MGS has conducted an interview with the voice of Solid Snake, David Hayter. Much of the interview focuses on Hayter's background and life as a voice actor, and also some of his other work as a screenwriter, particularly on movies such as the X-Men series and the recent Hulk adaptation.

However we were, of course, more interested in digging up some MGS3 dirt, but he was understandably coy about giving anything away. When quizzed on his involvement in the game, Hayter mentioned that he "did have a brief conversation with Konami about a third game while we were re-recording the first game for Gamecube. It sounds baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad-ass." Yes David, yes it does.

Although he wasn't able to confirm that Snake himself makes an appearance in the game, he was keen to remind us that "Liquid, Big Boss, and Snake have identical DNA. So who knows?" However, if Hayter is indeed involved with MGS3, he's hiding the fact extremely well, citing that he'd be able to work on the game should his schedule allow it, and that he hasn't an opinion on the jungle environments showcased at this year's E3 because he hasn't even seen them yet.

David went on to talk about his work on the forthcoming GameCube remake of Metal Gear Solid, Twin Snakes. Much of the original cast is said to be making a comeback for the game, as the entire game needed re-recording, as well as there being a good few adjustments to some of the scenes.

Finally, the interview inevitably touched on the possibility of a Metal Gear Solid movie: "I have actually spoken to a number of studio folk about writing a Metal Gear movie. It has always been my contention that I would only do it if they made an animated version, so that I could still play Snake. It would be very weird to create a movie which I am so close to, and then watch Bruce Willis or somebody else play Snake." An animated version would suit us just fine, Dave.