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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Eurogamer signs deal with KISS

You don't have to be rich etc.

Eurogamer Network has signed a brand new deal with KISS that will see our games content splashed all over their radio station, TV channel and mobile offerings.

We'll also be supplying content for their new online gaming site at, along with regular KISS podcasts which will include cheats content.

KISS is a bit of a big deal, really, reaching more than 7 million people via its radio, TV, mobile and online channels every month. A big relaunch is planned for later on this summer.

"The KISS community are passionate not only about music but gaming, fashion and clubbing - and research was telling us that gaming was playing an ever more important role in their lives, so this link up with Eurogamer allows us to offer them the credible gaming content they want," said commercial director Kurt Edwards.

"The online games media market in the UK has become very competitive, but Eurogamer demonstrated a real willingness to do things differently along with a refreshing flexibility in delivering ideas. I'm delighted to be working with them," he added. Aww, thanks for that.

Eurogamer's business development manager, Patrick Garratt, leaned back in his giant swingy leather chair and made us light him another cigar as he said: "We're extremely pleased to be working with KISS on the brand's gaming proposition. This deal is the latest step in further expanding the reach of Eurogamer's content."