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Xbox Japan execs reshuffle

Maruyama's moving on.

Yoshihiro Maruyama, the Microsoft executive who oversaw the launch of the Xbox 360 in Japan, is to take on a new role in the company's entertainment and devices division.

He will be replaced by Takahashi Sensui, who has been at Microsoft Japan for four years and worked closely with Maruyama on the Xbox 360 launch. Sensui, who was previously director of Xbox Japan's marketing department and game content group, will hold the title of general manager.

"Mr Maruyama played a key role in launching Xbox 360 in Japan," said Xbox executive Peter Moore

"He secured vital partner relationships that are crucial to the long-term success of the business in the region. Having achieved this, Mr. Maruyama will transition to a new role where his unique vision and foresight will be applied in a strategic capacity within the Entertainment and Devices organisation."

Sensui has committed to bolstering consumer take-up of the Xbox 360 in Japan, which has been slow since the console launched there in December. However, Sensui said he is confident sales will improve as more software titles reach the market.

Moore added: "Mr. Sensui will lead the business forward in Japan to build momentum at a time when key Japanese-developed games for Xbox 360 will soon be available."