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Konami brings Winning Eleven 7 to China

First third-party PS2 title set to be unveiled at China Joy.

Japanese publisher Konami is set to become the first third-party publisher to release a game for the PS2 in China, with Winning Eleven 7: International being unveiled at the China Joy expo in Beijing this week.

The massively popular football simulation - better known as Pro Evolution Soccer 3 on these shores - will not only be the first third-party PS2 game in the territory, it will be the second PS2 title ever to be released there.

The console rolled out in China at the start of this month after lengthy delays, with only one software title to its name - SCEI's critically acclaimed adventure game ICO. A second game which had been planned for launch, Ape Escape 2, has failed to make an appearance so far.

Konami has completely localised Winning Eleven 7 for the Chinese market, with new teams and translated menus. It is being shown for the first time at the China Joy expo, which runs in Beijing from January 16 through to January 18, and is the first videogames expo ever to take place on the Chinese mainland.