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'Music' maestro forms new company

More than just a developer.

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Tim Wright, the creative director/designer of Jester Interactive's "Music" series, which most recently gave us Music 3000 on PS2, has made an amicable split from the publisher he helped to establish along with other key staff to form Tantrumedia, a new developer based in the North West of the UK.

"As well as being registered providers for many formats including PlayStation 2 and Xbox, Tantrumedia caters for web based activities, duplication of CDs and printed material, and we're also passing on our expertise through private consultations," Wright said in a statement on Thursday.

In other words, Tantrumedia is expected to provide a number of media services besides games development. Wright explains, "...over 15 years in the industry has left me with two main insights. Firstly, the wise have their eggs in many baskets, and secondly, people prefer the fuller service of a one-stop shop."

Wright began life in the games industry in the 80s, penning tunes for games like Lemmings and Shadow of the Beast II, and followed that up by providing the audio accompaniment for games like Wipeout, which many recognise as a pivotal title in the history of the UK games market precisely because of its musical content. At Jester Interactive, he was also involved in orchestrating the release of four critically acclaimed products in the Music series.

For more information on Tantrumedia, visit the website.

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