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Ninja Gaiden and DOA Online Japanese dates

Plus pre-order toys.

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Tecmo has revealed its plans for the Japanese release of two of its most significant 2004 titles, Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive Online - both Xbox exclusives appearing in Japan first.

According to reports, Ninja Gaiden is now due on February 26th priced 7,800 yen (€59), while Dead or Alive Online is due sometime in March priced 8,800 yen (€66.5). Interestingly, Tecmo is also planning a sales incentive that will see Dead or Alive character figurines given away with pre-orders - Ayane for Ninja Gaiden and Kasumi for DOA Online.

Although Microsoft in Europe has only confirmed that Ninja Gaiden is due out here in Q1 2004, with Dead or Alive Online in a first half bracket, both titles are expected to be key releases next year alongside Halo 2 and other first party games. Ninja Gaiden was originally due out in 2003, with Tecmo only confirming the slip relatively recently.

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