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Who won our Ghosthunter leather jacket?

And the signed art. And the game.

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Last week, we helped Sony to celebrate the release of Ghosthunter, a spooky and atmospheric ghost-gathering adventure from Studio Cambridge, by offering one of you a leather jacket as-worn by the game's main man, Lazarus Jones, some signed artwork and a copy of the game, with four more copies of the game for runners-up.

Obviously plenty of you were after the jacket, but in the end there could only be one, and that one was a certain Andrew Winter, who was the first name out of the digi-hat to correctly identify that Studio Cambridge's most recent PS2 release was Primal. Following him out of the hat were Darren Griffin, Tim Allen, Jon Chandler and Justin Bowler, each of who wins a promo copy of the game.

Check your emails chaps for details of what to do next, and thanks to everyone who entered! Watch out for more competitions this week...

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