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Whiptail signs Psychotoxic

End-of-the-world half-angel FPS due out in March.

Nuclear Vision's near-future first-person shooter Psychotoxic has found a new publishing partner in the shape of Postal 2 outfit Whiptail Interactive, the latter announced this week, and should finally make it out on PC in March 2005 as part of a worldwide publishing deal that takes in pretty much everywhere with the exception of Germany, Austria and Russia.

Psychotoxic is set in 2022 New York at the arrival of Armageddon, and you're humanity's last hope - a half-angel called Angie Prophet - and forced to take on zombies and the various other forces of evil using normal weapons and six supernatural powers including invisibility and, er, Bullet Time.

The game has been in development since late 2001, and was previously on CDV's books before the publisher dumped it at around this time last year in a purge that also culled Sabotain and postponed Lula 3D. It was picked up and published in Germany, Austria and Russia earlier this year by Vidis.

Whiptail Interactive publishing director Chris Warrender said the firm was satisfied with the deal. "We're very happy to have secured this title on a worldwide basis. We're looking forward to doing great business with Angie Prophet. I know for a fact she's looking forward to working with me on those late nights as we localise Psychotoxic!" he commented.