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Xbox Live broadband supporters club

Are you from Australia? Austria? Denmark? Finland? Ireland? Korea? Norway? Switzerland?

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Microsoft, hailing from Geneva today, apparently, has announced that when Xbox Live launches in eight more PAL countries next month, 22 broadband providers will be there to welcome potential MechAssaulters and Midtowners with open arms.

So, if you live in one of the following countries, these are the companies that will be "officially" compatible (although, to be honest, if you can drive Windows connection sharing then you can probably run Xbox Live off ISDN). Stand up:

  • Australia - OptusNet (cable), Telstra Big Pond (DSL/cable)
  • Austria - UPC/chello (cable), Telekom Austria (DSL)
  • Denmark - TDC (DSL/cable), Telia Stofa (cable)
  • Finland - Elisa (DSL), Helsinki Television (HTV cable), TeliaSonera Finland (DSL)
  • Ireland - Eircom (DSL), Esat BT (DSL), NTL (cable)
  • Korea - KT (DSL)
  • Norway - UPC/chello (cable), NextGenTel (DSL), Telenor (DSL)
  • Switzerland - Bluewin (DSL), sunrise (DSL)

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