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Dark and Light gets improved

Players get three free months.

Publisher Farlan Entertainment has admitted that Dark and Light, billed as "The Largest MMORPG You've Ever Seen!", isn't exactly The Best Put Together MMORPG You've Ever Seen.

Apparently the game "was released prematurely due to pressure from its investors and from the gaming community", according to an official statement. So now Farlan has unveiled a new initiative to "correct and improve operational aspects of Dark and Light."

They've signed a new deal with developer SnailGame to sort out the graphics, and they've set the D&L dev team to work improving the game's "technical challenges". Which means you can expect a better user interface, processing speed, battle progression and even "game immersion".

The good news for subscribers is that gameplay won't be interrupted while the improvements are being made. The even better news is that anyone who's already signed up will get to play free of charge for the next three months, during which period all user accounts and player credits will be maintained.

Dark and Light, which was released back in June, claims to feature the biggest gameworld ever created. The 13 kingdoms of Ganareth are spread across 40,000 kilometres of playing surface, and there are no loading times. Just a lot of bugs and stuff, unfortunately.

According to Farlan, the improvements should be complete within the next three months.