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Dune, Blue Velvet UMDs

It's a strange world.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Entertainment outfit Sanctuary has found UMD (just you be glad it wasn't the headline) and promised to release film-of-the-book Dune and film-of-the-Dennis-Hopper-acting-nuts Blue Velvet on the Sony disc format this October.

Before then, music fans (well, some of them) can look forward to Iron Maiden - Rock in Rio's appearance alongside the PSP on September 1st, with INXS - Live Baby Live appearing on the 12th along with Bob Marley - Live from Santa Barbara.

All of them should cost around £14.99 at retail, and this publicity page shows off the wrapping. We particularly like the Iron Maiden cover, which implies that some sort of Gremlin lives in the clouds.

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