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New Line joins UMD movie party

Nope, no Lord of the Rings.

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New Line Cinema has hopped on the Universal Media Disc bandwagon, presumably causing some damage to axels already worn by the weight of Buena Vista, Fox Home Entertainment et al in the process.

You're not going to be watching Lord of the Rings on PSP for a while though by the sound of it, because New Line has decided to follow the path paved by others dipping their toes into the UMD pool [I thought it was a bandwagon? Who's paving paths in the pool? What? -Ed] by only releasing rubbish or rental-worthy films to start.

Leading the charge on the UMD battlefield [Eh!? -Ed] will be Will Ferrell comedy vehicle Elf, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, Blade, Secondhand Lions (no idea), The Butterfly Effect, and spectacularly terrible super-horror cross-over Freddy Vs. Jason.

Many of the films will also have special features, although obviously in the case of dross like Freddy Vs. Jason a photo gallery of mouse droppings would be relatively special, and will see New Line taking up position on the UMD oche [I need a holiday -Ed] at around $19.98.

Naturally none of the films have been confirmed for the UK/Europe, but US import types should expect to see them around 4th October. The European UMD market should be an entirely different kettle of fish. [MAKE THE PAIN STOP -Ed]

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