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TGS 2003 details

Japan's annual gaming jamboree still lacks a Ninty stand, though.

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Details of this years Tokyo Games Show have emerged from organisers CESA, and once again Nintendo is the only major Japanese publisher not exhibiting.

Nintendo has traditionally avoided TGS in favour of holding its own show, Spaceworld, around the same time of year. However, for a second year running the company has opted not to hold a Spaceworld event, so there had been some speculation that the company might decide to join rivals Sony and Microsoft at TGS for the first time.

Not so - but while the company won't have a stand at the event, chairman Satoru Iwata will be taking the lectern to deliver a keynote address on "Twenty Years after the Famicom - the Current Conditions and Future of the Videogames Industry".

In terms of companies who'll actually be participating in the whole flashing lights, loud music and scantily clad ladies element of the show, you can find major platform holders Microsoft and Sony in attendance, flanked by key publishers such as Tecmo, Namco, EA, Capcom, Bandai, Konami, Koei, Square Enix and Sega.

There are plenty of smaller publishers on the list at present as well, with Atlus, Aruze, Taito, SNK Playmore, Takara, Hudson, Genki, From Software, Success and Sammy all displaying their wares as well. Perhaps a trip to Tokyo is in order? [Don't get your hopes up, chum! -Ed]

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