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Half-Life movie in early stages

Valve's shopping around. They're "very particular".

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Entertainment magazine Variety reported yesterday that Half-Life is being shopped around Hollywood as a potential movie project. Valve's Doug Lombardi has told that "[Valve is] trying to build the context of the game, build something that extends the elements of the game," adding that the developer is "very particular about making sure it gets done the right way." Given the supreme secrecy that surrounded Half-Life 2 until just a few short months ago, that's hardly surprising.

The report (subscription only - you can head here to sign up for a free trial in order to read it yourself) says that talks with multiple potential movie partners are in the early stages. As such details of the script, or even which of the two games it might be based on, simply do not exist, but given the game's unrivalled popularity - and the hype surrounding the sequel - this is one game-to-movie project that stands to reach fruition.

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