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PSP pixel fixer?

Video claims to unstick them.

PlayStation Portable aficionados have produced a video file that reportedly "unsticks" dead pixels in 60 per cent of cases.

Available from PSP-Vault, the video apparently works by flashing red, green and blue repeatedly. Although we've been unable to verify this ourselves (your correspondent's PSP only has under-the-screen dust specs, sadly, rather than dead pixels), there are plenty of reports that it does work.

All you have to do to load it on to your PSP is plug the console into your PC using an appropriate USB cable (the ones that come with Sony digi-cams work for us), select USB Connection, access the PSP using My Computer/Windows Explorer (or equivalent), create a folder called MP_ROOT and another within it called 100MNV01 and pop it in there. It should then be accessible through the Video section of the PSP user interface.

Although it's safe to say the PSP is "pretty popular" around the globe, one of the chief complaints has been the prevalence of broken pixels, with many reports of gamers returning theirs to stores in frustration at their discovery.

So then. If you have any luck getting this to work, be sure to let us know.