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Codies prepares E3 'war chest'

First fruits of Benchmark's cash appear as UK publisher plans E3 acquisitions.

Following yesterday's announcement that Codemasters will not be showing any games at this year's E3, the UK publisher has revealed that will be attending the trade show with a view to seeking new acquisitions.

Codemasters recently received what it described as a "substantial financial investment" from top-tier capital firm Benchmark Capital Europe. This investment will go towards the new "multi-million dollar war chest" that has been set aside for funding and acquiring new game properties. The acquisitions programme is said to form part of the company's vision of "leading on innovation, creativity and quality."

David Darling, chairman and CEO of Codemasters, has appointed ex-Daydream Software CEO Peter Zetterberg to head-up the acquisitions charge. Zetterberg will spend E3 meeting with studio executives to discuss projects both planned and already underway, for current and next-generation consoles as well as PC.

"If you're developing an unsigned title or not receiving satisfaction or support from your current publishing arrangements, we want to talk to you," said Zetterberg.

"Get in touch, we'll meet at E3 and discuss the international publishing and distribution that Codemasters delivers."

Darling commented: "I'm delighted to welcome Peter to Codemasters. We share a long working history, an entrepreneurial spirit and an ambition to champion new projects that inspire and amaze."

Those wishing to arrange a meeting with Peter Zetterberg and his team should contact

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