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Untold Legends for PS3

Details of SOE's hackandslash.

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One of Sony Online Entertainment's first PlayStation 3 games will be a full-blooded version of PSP RPG Untold Legends, the company's confirmed.

Called Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom, it'll be another hackandslash based role-player in which players choose from one of three classes and head off on a quest for vengeance against a nasty king.

Screenshots for the game originally appeared online at the weekend, prompting speculation that it would form part of Sony's Tokyo press conference presentation, which should be taking place right about now.

Instead the game was detailed yesterday by US gaming site IGN in a first look feature, with quotes from the developers.

According to SOE, the idea behind Dark Kingdom was to make a fun, fast-paced and accessible game that conveyed the PSP originals' visceral combat, character progression and enthusiasm for narrative.

Since the PS3 is a bit more powerful than the PSP, SOE has been spreading things like fully interactive water, particle effects, Havok-powered physics and the like across its multiple processor cores.

Apparently players will be able to do things like chuck an enemy at a group of his friends to take them out, and puzzles - which should pop up once every half an hour or so - will sometimes work around the physics. For example, you might have to position some crates to stem the flow of water into a room to make progress.

The three character classes are Brute, Mage and Scout, SOE says, and whichever you choose you'll be part of an elite military group deployed to stop people rising up and having a pop at the king - only for you to discover the king's a bit bent, and has something to do with disappearing townsfolk and the emergence of mysterious creatures.

All of which sets you up to go around clobbering them and, presumably, him.

The IGN preview doesn't offer any clue as to when Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom will be released, but we expect to find out more concrete details about the PlayStation 3's release date in the very near future. We'll let you know.

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