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SingStar's May return confirmed

And it'll be called SingStar Popworld around here.

Sony has confirmed the news that we brought you yesterday - that a new SingStar game is due out exclusively on PlayStation 2 this May.

The name has now been confirmed as SingStar Popworld - apparently some sort of tie-in with the Channel 4 programme of the same name, which we're guessing is what the kids have these days instead of Top Of The Pops - and we're told to expect a full listing of the game's 30 tracks next week.

Other elements that we told you about yesterday include a Rap Scoring mode, which promises to be the "ultimate MC showdown", as well as new voice filters in Playback Mode, which is good news for those of us bored of Deep Daddy.

It's due out in May, then, and you can read more about it and find some shots here. We'll bring you our review closer to release.