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GT creator starts on 'other' game

Famed Polyphony Digital front man Kazunori Yamauchi confirms the developer is producing a different game to Gran Turismo, but you're going to have to wait at least three years to see it.

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Speaking in London last week for the launch of Gran Turismo 4 in Europe, Kazunori Yamauchi, lead developer at Sony-owned Polyphony Digital in Tokyo, has confirmed that Gran Turismo is not the only game the firm will produce in the coming years.

Yamauchi first admitted in 2000, when giving interviews for GT2000 - which was eventually named Gran Turismo 3 - that after the release of the fourth game in the series fabled car series he would like to turn his hand to something completely different. An RPG was mentioned at the time.

"That thought has not changed at all," said Yamauchi. "There is a plan which is proceeding. But I'm also thinking that it will take at least three years to show something, and then another additional period to allow it to be readied for release."

When asked whether or not the game would be made actually within the developer, Yamauchi replied, "Yes, within Polyphony Digital."

No further details regarding the title have been revealed.

Speaking in the boardroom of Sony's Tokyo HQ in 2000, Yamauchi dwelled on his desire to build a traditional Japanese RPG for several minutes, but fell short of detailing any specific ideas.

Gran Turismo 4 launched in Europe last week with a record 3.2 million units shipped to retailers across the region, making it the largest launch for any PAL PS2 game. Yamauchi has already confirmed that work has begun on a fifth instalment of what has become Sony's premium console franchise.

Check back later for our full interview with Kazunori Yamauchi.

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