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No more game movies for Boll?

He's had just about enough.

Movie director Uwe Boll has told Eurogamer that he may give up making movies based on videogames all together - and it's all the fault of the gaming press.

In an exclusive interview, Boll said: "The dangerous thing right now is that a lot of people bash me without thinking about the movies. It's fashionable to hit on Uwe Boll, and this is what I don't get. And I don't get why this comes so harshly from the games press.

"When I try to get videogames turned into movies, and get videogames accepted as [the equivalent of] best-selling books for the younger generation, I get only sh** from the videogames press - what an asshole I am, what a criminal I am for doing these movies, whatever, instead of being happy that there's a movie getting made of a game. This is what's confusing me."

As a result, Boll is considering abandoning the whole thing as a bad job. "I won't say that I won't acquire another videogame licence in the future. But I'm not so eager to do it any more, to be honest. After Far Cry, maybe I'll go away from videogame-based movies. And everybody can be really happy about it."

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