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Bain to talk PS3 at IGDA event

In a pub. Everyone's invited.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe development support manager George Bain is to deliver a speech on developing games for the PS3 at an event in London next week.

The IGDA event, which will be hosted by recruitment agency Mary-Margaret, will see Bain offering insight into the challenges and opportunities for game development on Sony's next-generation console.

The technical presentation will serve as an introduction to the PS3, offering an overview of the system architecture, the Cell proccesor and new graphics processor (RSX) plus a discussion of the Blu-Ray storage medium.

A well known face in the development community, Bain has been working for SCEE since 1997 and manages the developer support team - providing support services for all SCEE partners, development studios and affiliated software production firms. In addition to his multiple on-site visits and in-house consultancy, he has presented at numerous venues for other local IGDA chapters, GDCE, AGDC, KRI and SCE Developer Conferences.

The event will take place at O'Neill's "Irish" pub in London's Kings Cross on Wednesday, 22nd February. Entry is free of charge.