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Child safety 'top priority' - MS

Responds to parents' concerns.

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Microsoft says that the safety and security of Xbox Live users is "a top priority" and that it works closely with global law enforcement to ensure child safety.

The platform holder was responding to reports about the actions of an Xbox Live user who allegedly used the online gaming service to groom and molest a 14-year-old boy, which caused a stir earlier this month.

"Safety and security, specifically child on line safety, are a top priority for Microsoft, and we insure that Xbox Live is equipped with the tools that allow parents to monitor the activities of their children during online game play, including disabling voice communications," Microsoft said in a statement reported by gaming blog Kotaku.

"Xbox Live is regulated by our Terms of Use and Code of Conduct which prohibit all illegal activities. We work closely with law enforcement around the world on child safety issues on the Internet and will provide any and all help to the authorities investigating this case."

Xbox 360's wide range of parental controls also allows parents to disable Live access entirely on specified profiles and limit access to games and DVDs based on particular ratings.

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