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PS3 buyers have shock in store

Quite a lot naive about price.

A new report by analyst Compete has revealed that almost half of US consumers considering the purchase of a PS3 are in for a surprise when it comes to the console's price.

The report, which surveyed active current gen console gamers during the month of October, found that 48 per cent of those thinking about buying a PS3 thought it would cost under US $300.

Almost 60 per cent of respondents in the same category said they thought the cost was too high on being told the real price (US $499 / $599 for the 20GB / 60GB versions). Of all those surveyed, 73 per cent said they think the price is too expensive.

Around 63 per cent of PlayStation 2 owners say they may pick up a PS3 - but the figure is lower for Nintendo's new console, with just 39 per cent of GameCube owners considering a Wii purchase. Almost the same number - 40 per cent - of those who bought a GameCube may buy a PS3 this time around.

Compete calculated the demand for consoles amongst US consumers using data from online retailers, and found that an average of around 418,000 people show an interest in the Xbox 360 each month. Demand for PS3 exceeded that for Xbox 360 for the first time in September, with the Wii repeating the feat in October. At present, with the North American launch of the console just days away, demand is highest for the PlayStation 3.