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We predict that ESPionage will get a new name

Weeeeell... not so much "predict" as "read it in this thing here".

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Midway's ESPionage, a PS2 and Xbox action title built around "psi-operative" Nick Scryer and his psionic powers, has been subjected to a bit of a shake-up. Firstly, the title has been renamed Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy because, according to this huge GameSpot interview with producer Richard Eddy, "[ESPionage] did not get across the idea of psionic powers as well as we wanted". Fair enough. This follows a large slip from Q3 2003 to May 2004 in order to properly polish up areas the team weren't happy with, and the removal of the GameCube version from schedules altogether. We suggest taking a look at that interview if you're at all interested in the title, offering as it does a large amount of background info on the game's concept, and where the development of the title is currently heading.

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