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SSX On Tour unveiled

The PSP gets piste.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Electronic Arts has revealed the first details of what we can expect from SSX On Tour, the first PSP instalment in the classic snowboarding series.

According to US website GameSpot the game will feature 15 tracks and more than 100 different events, with a similar selection of modes to those available in the console titles.

However, there will also be an interesting new twist on the Quick Play mode which means that your race results will count towards your career progress. You can also try your hand at skiing as well as snowboarding, and even put competitors from the two disciplines up against each other to see how they compare. Four player Wi-Fi races are promised, too.

As in previous games you can choose whether to play as a male or female character, but this time you can add skins which alter not only their appearances but their skill levels. In total there are 40 skins, 10 skis and 10 snowboards to unlock, along with a few surprises.

One element unique to the PSP is Pocket Traxx - a new feature that allows you to listen to the soundtrack even while you're not playing the game, and which is becoming a standard addition for all of EA's PSP titles.

SSX On Tour is due out this autumn in the US, so keep your fingers crossed for a UK release by Christmas.

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