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EG hero joins XIII voice cast

Adam West! Oh, and David Duchovny. And some bird called Eve.

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Batman himself, Adam West, will lend his significant voice talent and massive media following to cel-shaded first person shooter XIII, Ubi Soft has announced, taking on the role of General Carrington. So will David Duchovny, famed for his role as that lecherous bloke in the Red Shoe Diaries. Dave's going to voice for the chap from the title, a secret agent with total amnesia accused of assassinating JFK by the FBI, assisted by Batman and "Major Jones", who will be voiced by popular songstress Eve.

"XIII isn't like any videogame I have ever seen," says Dave. "It plays like a suspenseful movie with a conspiracy-ridden storyline filled with enough twists and turns to keep everyone guessing. Players are in for a lot of surprises with this game - things are never what they seem," he added. Thanks Dave.

Meanwhile, Batman described the visual style as "extremely eye-catching," adding that he loves XIII more than he loves taffy, "and I'm a man who loves his taffy." Mmm.

XIII is currently down for release on everything bar GameCube at some point later this year - October 31st, it says 'ere - with the dinky Cube version due out the obligatory month or two later.

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