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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Killer 7 details released

Still nothing about gameplay.

If the increase in quality from P.N.03 to Viewtiful Joe were to be considered a trend, then Killer 7, the next title due to issue forth from Capcom's little Cube division, will not only revolutionise videogames, but will probably cure AIDS, resurrect Elvis and forge interstellar trading links with aliens on Jupiter.

Then again, all we know about Killer 7 thus far is that it looks like a bright and colourful cel-shaded shoot 'em up with no black lines, and it's something to do with a wheelchair bound assassin (Harman Smith) mind-tapping a bunch of able-bodied killer alter-egos.

However late last week Capcom revealed that the game will revolve around people who have the "heaven's smile" - a crazed look about them - who suddenly become violent and start to form armies that overthrow governments. They were also responsible for the death of Harman's wife, Suzy, which is presumably why he's interested in them.

We shall see. In 2004.