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Virtua Tennis for mobiles

Nothing to do with babies.

Glu Mobile has announced the launch of Virtua Tennis Mobile Edition, a new version of SEGA's classic sports game, in time for the start of the Wimbledon tennis season.

Players can choose from 20 different characters or customise their own, winning tournament prize money which can be used to buy shirts, raquets or shoes, or a contract with a doubles partner.

"Virtua Tennis is considered by many to be the ultimate arcade tennis game, and we believe the gameplay and graphics of the mobile edition emulate the addictiveness of the original game and make it a perfect fit for the mobile platform," said Glu's Kristian Segerstråle.

Darren Newnham, business development manager for SEGA Europe, added: "Virtua Tennis is a classic arcade game franchise. As we've seen through the success of Sonic the Hedgehog, Glu has the proven ability to successfully bring SEGA's original console games to the mobile platform."

Virtua Tennis was a huge hit when it first appeared in arcades back in 1999. Further iterations of the game appeared on a variety of platforms, including Dreamcast, Xbox and, most recently, PSP. Virtua Tennis Mobile Edition will roll out this month.

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