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Sony rumbled again in Dual Shock court case

Witness testimony 'unreliable'.

The latest attempt by Sony to overturn a court ruling in favour of Immersion Corporation has been foiled, The Wall Street Journal is reporting. Immersion has successfully sued Sony for infringing copyright of vibrating controllers.

Last year Sony was ordered to pay Immersion $90.7 million for infringement on the company's Haptic technology, which allows users to feel vibrating feedback in conjunction with on-screen actions.

Sony returned to court last week with the argument that Immersion had held back information about Haptic technology inventions by consultant Crag Thorner, which the gaming giant could have used in its defence of the $90.7 million ruling.

However, according to the Wall Street Journal, US District Judge Claudia Wilken branded Thorner's statements as "unreliable" and raised questions about a $150,000 payment from Sony for his services.

Rival manufacturer Microsoft was also sued by Immersion last year, but opted to settle out of court for $26 million - plus taking a 10 per cent stake in the company. Microsoft has since become a licensee of Immersion's technology, along with other gaming companies including Mad Catz and Logitech.

Sony continues to fight the ruling, and has an outstanding appeal at the US Court of Appeals, which is expected to be address in the coming months.