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Watch movies on your DS

With Datel's new 4GB hard drive.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Datel has unveiled the MAX Media Player for Nintendo DS, a new gadget that will let you watch videos, view photos and play MP3s on your handheld.

For £129, you'll get a 4GB hard drive (which plugs into the GBA cartridge slot), a MAX Media Player cartridge (which goes in the DS cartridge slot), a USB cable and a bit of software for your PC.

The hard drive draws power straight from the DS, so you don't need any extra batteries, and Datel reckons 4GB is enough to store ten full length films, more than a thousand music tracks or, well, loads of digital pictures. Not to mention "numerous other file types, such as data programs or executables," too.

You hook up the hard drive to your PC via the USB cable, and use the PC application to transfer files over. We're told it's all very simple to use - the PC app will automatically convert file formats, resizing digital images and video files so they fit the DS's screen perfectly.

The MAX Media Player is out in late March - in the meantime, why not take a look at these lovely pictures.

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