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Sun of Boktai on DS

No solar sensor this time?

As you'll know if you have an encyclopaedic knowledge of all the little names that appear on "games in development" lists, Hideo Kojima's favourite silly handheld series Boktai is to receive an outing on Nintendo DS at some point.

But - perhaps bored of the withering looks of people like me who prefer to keep the curtains drawn - the Konami dev team is doing away with the sun sensor that used to charge up weapons, according to Japanese magazine Koro Koro Comic, in an article picked up on by GameSpot.

Instead, players will have to work around an in-game sun, which will live on the top-screen charging things up - subject to, er, going behind clouds. Then, at night, it buggers off completely leaving you to worry about an increased number of enemies.

Bad news for people who don't get to play stuff during the day; good news for people who know how to change the clock on the DS.

Not much else is known about it, but it seems safe to bet on it making its way to Europe or at the very least America, since the GBA ones did (even if they made an almighty song and dance about getting their arses in gear and materialising).