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Call of Duty expansion due this year?

Dodgy pre-order page, he say yes!

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A PC expansion to Infinity Ward's World War II-based first-person shooter Call of Duty could be with us before the end of the year if a rather barren posting at US games retailer GameStop is anything to go by.

The pre-order listing offers no details on the untitled COD expansion, but does specify a release date of October 1st, which would point to a pre-Christmas European release. For a pre-order listing to foreshadow a game announcement would be nothing new of course, but equally for it to turn out to be complete rubbish would hardly surprise anybody either.

However in this case there can be little doubt that publisher Activision is planning something to build on the success of Call of Duty this year. With a console game due out in 2004 under the Call of Duty banner, a PC expansion from developer Infinity Ward wouldn't come as much of a surprise - particularly given Activision's original announcement of the Call of Duty "umbrella brand", which pointed to a big push (or "putsch", I suppose) on all formats.

You can find out what we thought of Call of Duty on the PC here, with Rob and Kristan offering contrasting points of view on the subject.

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