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Grans want DS - Nintendo

They did some research.

Guess what! Grandparents and baby boomers want tech products like Nintendo DS for Christmas, according to research commissioned by, er, Nintendo.

The survey, conducted by Harris Interactive by telephone in the US, claims that - to within a three percent margin of error - 52 percent of grandparents and 68 percent of baby boomers would quite like a "technology product" for Christmas.

Apparently at least half of that group said that they would quite like a portable videogame system (like a DS Lite, hint hint) this year.

Harris Interactive apparently conducted the survey by ringing up 1,025 adults over 18, and weighting responses for age, sex, geographic region and race to bring them into line with their actual proportions in the population.

"Sampling error for the sub-samples of parents (n=654), grandparents (n=399) and baby boomers (n=380) would be higher and would vary," if you're interested. "However, that does not take other sources of error into account."

Like the fact most grandparents actually don't want you to worry about getting them anything for Christmas. That's what mine said. Are they saying my gran's a liar? Watch it, Nintendo.