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Namco confirms Tales DS title

In which a monster hits a village.

As well as the awesome-sounding Snoppy Vs. The Red Baron, Namco's also spent some time this week outlining Tales of the Tempest, a new RPG in the Tales series heading to Nintendo DS.

Originally mentioned during Nintendo's DS conference in 2005 - the same showcase that drew our attention to the Tingle RPG, in case you're struggling to place the infamy - Tales of the Tempest is apparently due out in Japan in 2006 and stars a 15-year-old lad called Caius.

Caius lives in a village, obviously, and a monster obviously attacks it. His foster father dukes it out with the monster and is judged to be of beast race, so being all kind and loving the other villagers drive him and Caius out along with Caius' childhood friend Rubian. In the ensuing chase, dad plays decoy to give the youngsters time to escape, and somehow this turns into a quest to find out the truth about Caius' origins.

According to reports, Tales character designer Mutsumi Inomata has taken up the same role on the title, of which we'll presumably hear more, perhaps including how it takes advantage of the stylus, Wi-Fi and whatnot, in the coming weeks.