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Shiny hires PSP, next-gen staff

But is it to do with the Matrix?

Fresh from completing work on The Matrix: Path of Neo - a much better attempt to distil the Wachowski brothers' increasingly awkward film trilogy into game form than its previous effort Enter The Matrix - Shiny Entertainment has started seeking programmers to work on PSP and Xbox 360.

The company has declined to comment on speculation that PSP staff will go to work on a handheld port of Path of Neo, which previously appeared on PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC, and neither Shiny or Atari were prepared to talk about the possible link between 360 programming staff and a next-gen Matrix title.

However, speaking to GameSpot, Shiny CEO Dave Perry implied that the job postings weren't anything to do with a Matrix game, or at least certainly went beyond that. Remarking that he had more ideas than staff following the completion of Matrix, he added: "This job posting is one of many for new things I have in the pipeline... Over the next six months, it will become more obvious why I need to expand. I hope that's cryptic enough!"

Interestingly, the Xbox 360 programmer posting mentioned the need to work with PlayStation 3 and Revolution programmers in transferring code base to new formats. The latter's certainly intriguing - might it be that we actually get to punch Neo in the face with our TV remotes?