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March PS3 launch 'still on track'

Sony Europe clarifies.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has confirmed that the PlayStation 3 is still on track to launch across Europe in March 2007.

The clarification comes after Sony's Worldwide Studios boss Phil Harrison told the Official PlayStation Magazine that he "would not like to make any definitive statements," regarding the timing of the PS3 launch.

But SCEE has confirmed to our sister site GamesIndustry.biz that the previously announced target is still in sight, with the publisher's corporate communications boss Nick Sharples stating: "We are still very much on track for a March launch in Europe".

The PlayStation 3 has just hit stores in Japan, where a low shipment of units, estimated to be around the 80,000 mark, has lead to a launch devoid of spectacle.

The console is due to hit North American stores this Friday November 17th, with Sony promising around 400,000 units for retail.