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Tetsuya Mizuguchi wants to web-chat with YOU

Rez creator online tomorrow.

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Tetsuya Mizuguchi, creator of lots of excellent games including Lumines and Rez, will be joining us on the web tomorrow lunchtime to field questions from you, our beloved readers.

It's a cunning way, you see, to highlight the release of Lumines II on PSP this Friday, which you can read more about in our recent first impressions, or at

Mizuguchi won't mind if you have a broader range of questions though - he has, after all, worked on lots of stuff in the past and recognises that you all want him to update you on whether he's working on X, Y or Z or what his favourite colour hat is.

The web-chat will be taking place at 12.30pm tomorrow - i.e. lunchtime - so why not block out the time and come join us? We'll post full details of how to get involved tomorrow at noon so you'll have time to get your biscuits in order.

In the meantime, why not drop a few questions into this comments thread? If they're any good, we'll lead off with a few of them tomorrow.

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