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New Wii dev tool launches

LiveMove 'trains' Wii remote.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Nintendo has announced the launch of LiveMove, a new development tool designed to make the process of producing titles for the Wii easier and faster.

LiveMove was created by Californian artificial intelligence specialist AiLive with involvement from Nintendo. It allows developers to "train" the Wii remote within minutes simply by performing motions.

"LiveMove will allow the game industry to move away from indirect digital control to more natural analog control for the first time," said AiLive chairman Dr. Wei Yen.

Nintendo's senior MD of integrated research and development, Genyo Takeda, added, "In early 2006, I challenged Dr. Wei Yen and his AI scientists to develop AIware for the Wii Remote. When Nintendo's development teams saw LiveMove, we instantly recognized how it would greatly increase our ability to explore and experiment with new concepts and make our lives easier.

"This revolutionary tool liberates the imaginations of game creators. We are more than happy to share this collaborative LiveMove tool with independent Wii software developers all over the world. From a cowboy's lasso to a samurai's sword or a chef's cooking utensils, we just can't wait to play the developers' new, 'unexpected' applications."

LiveMove is now available for a mass adoption license fee of USD 2500 per seat. For more information, visit the AiLive website.

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