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Rock reveals Spy Hunter details

And talks about the movie, too.

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Former WWE star The Rock has revealed a few details of Spy Hunter 3, the forthcoming PS2 and Xbox instalment in the classic series.

He's just finished a filming a load of motion capture for the game, in which he stars as the spy hunter himself.

"What's going to be great about Spy Hunter 3 is you are going to be able to get out of the car," the Rock told MTV News.

"Before it was just about the Interceptor, the car. You'd drive or you'd fly or you'd be on the boat or things like that and you'd have all these amazing battles.

"But now, once the battles stop, the car stops. Now you've got to go find these people and you've got to go hunt them down. You've got to kill them."

The Rock also talked about his role in the new Spy Hunter movie, which is due to start filming next year with John Woo in the director's chair. The script is currently being worked on by Stuart Beattie, who also wrote the screenplay for Pirates of the Caribbean and Collateral.

But it's the car who's really the star, as The Rock acknowledged: "That thing is unbelievable. It jets off that mountain, turns into a boat when it hits the water, comes right back on the ground, turns into a motorcycle. It's really incredible."

He also spoke to Sci Fi Wire about the movie, saying that while he can't wait to start filming it's important to make sure everything's in place first.

"[There are] millions of dollars being spent, but it's one of those things where you don't want to rush it," The Rock said.

"You just don't want to make any type of movie. It's such a special movie, conceptually, and it's so cool with the cool.

"And you're the hunter of spies," he added helpfully.

The Rock is also starring in the forthcoming Doom movie, and admits to being a great big gamer.

"Oh yeah man, I love it," he told Sci Fi Wire.

"I have an Xbox and PS2. I had the Xbox in my trailer during the movie."

The Spy Hunter film is due to go on general release some time next year, with Spy Hunter 3 likely to hit the shops at around the same time. Question of the day: out of The Rock and Ray Winstone, who would win in a fight?

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