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PSP - now with DRM

So, new video functionality.

Sony has released yet another software upgrade for the PlayStation Portable, bringing the system up to version 2.50 - with the addition of support for copyright-protected video content being the main addition this time.

Other features added to the console include support for watching video over wireless networks using Sony's LocationFree technology, some small updates and bug fixes for the web browser and the ability to set the time on the console directly from the internet.

This new software release is by no means as dramatic an upgrade as version 2.00, which was launched around two months ago and added the ability to browse the web, set desktop wallpapers and share photographs wirelessly to the system.

However, it's easy to see at least part of Sony's motivation for launching the firmware at this point - it follows hot on the heels of the discovery of a loophole in the security of the v2.00 firmware which allowed users to downgrade to version 1.5, thus enabling them to use homebrew software, emulators and pirated games.

The company initially responded to the hack by releasing an interim version 2.01, which simply closed up the security hole but offered no new features to encourage users to upgrade.

Version 2.50 has already been made available to Japanese and North American PSP owners, and is expected to become available for European consoles very shortly.