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This And That: Wednesday News Roundup

(Updated throughout the day.) The Punisher coming to PC, Chrome sequel trailed, SEGA Classics Collection announced.

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THQ has confirmed that it plans to release a PC version of The Punisher, the PS2/Xbox/Cube shooter based on the middling Thomas Jane movie of the same name currently in development at Volition. The PC version is expected to make it out alongside the console versions in early 2005. That's assuming they make it out at all; the last time we looked at Punisher it was so violent that even we were a bit taken aback.

In a short email sent to journalists last night, developer Techland revealed that its working on a follow-up to its, er, middling first-person shooter Chrome, "using a modernised Chrome Engine". Called Chrome: SpecForce, the game is "a futuristic tactical shooter with a plot connected [to Chrome]" and development has apparently been underway for some time. Even so, Techland is keeping quiet about specifics. We'll let you know if we hear anything exciting.

SEGA is planning to release an American PS2 compilation of the various classic titles released under the SEGA Ages banner in Japan recently. Called SEGA Classics Collection, the bundle will consist of OutRun, Golden Axe, Space Harrier, Columns, Fantasy Zone, Virtua Racer, Decathlete, Alien Syndrome, Monaco GP and Bonanza Bros. & Tant R. The collection had previously been expected to make it out via Conspiracy Entertainment, but instead Conspiracy will released SEGA Ages: Phantasy Star Trilogy, featuring remakes of various PS RPGs, in early 2005.

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