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Battlefield Command renamed

1C Company's World War II RTS needs to avoid confusion "in a cluttered market".

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Codemasters has announced that Russian developer 1C Company's Battlefield Command will now be known as Wartime Command: Battle For Europe 1939-1945. Still set for release on the PC in spring 2004, Wartime Command has apparently been retitled "to give it prominence in a cluttered market of similar product brands," like The Bitmap Brothers' World War II: Frontline Command, for example, itself not to be confused with Frontline Attack: War Over Europe...

Of course in terms of content it's still a real-time strategy game set in World War II, but, says Codies, it will be "the most authentic and compelling" ever designed, excelling in detail and accuracy, "especially in its portrayal of period weapons of war." Over 300 individual vehicles, planes and weapons have been recreated "from military blueprints, photographic reference and technical information," with vehicle and plane designs also drawing on "military data, internal schematics and up to 20 external photos taken from all angles".

Thanks to 1C's 3D engine, we're promised that such distinctions will be significant and noticeable. For example, a Tiger Tank's front, side, rear, top and turret armour values will be correct, "as are the ballistics and damage of any projectile hitting the tank." Budding Wartime Commanders will not only be able to see the effects on each part of the tank, but may even have to deal with a tank's partial destruction, working individual units' frailties into attack strategies.

The battlefield environments won't lose out on this orgy of authenticity either, with maps recreated "from accurate topographical maps, street maps, aerial images and period landscape photography. Every hill, valley, embankment, forest, road, building and landmark will look as they were in the real battles," and will be destructible.

1C's Wartime Command is due out in spring 2004, at which point we'll be able to put the publisher's claims to the test.

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