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Cube sales up 400% since price cut

Still lagging behind PS2 and Xbox.

According to Nintendo, UK sales of the GameCube have shot up 400 per cent since the console was cut to £79, meaning that the Nintendo system ("the only truly dedicated home video games console" - an interesting way of saying "the only current-generation games console without DVD functionality") is currently enjoying success on both sides of the Atlantic. Last week, Nintendo of America announced that the console was outselling both its rivals on the back of a cut to $99.

However 400 per cent still doesn't put the console anywhere near its closest rivals. In fact, a 400 per cent increase would mean the Cube still doesn't hit 4,000 sales in a week in this country, whereas the Xbox is selling around 7,500 units, and the PS2 is thought to have topped 52,000 in the aftermath of its price cut.

Meanwhile, UK catalogue retailer Argos has reportedly reintroduced the GameCube to its range several months after dropping it, with newspaper ads promoting the machine's new price point. With games like Mario Kart: Double Dash, 1080 Avalanche, F-Zero GX and the like on the way, Argos will no doubt continue to push the console throughout the Christmas shopping season.

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