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Jaws and Infected delayed

Until early next year.

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Majesco has announced that forthcoming games Jaws Unleashed and Infected have been delayed until spring 2006 "to provide additional development time for those titles," according to the publisher's latest financial report.

Jaws Unleashed, which was originally due out on PC, PS2 and Xbox back in August, is an action-adventure game from Ecco the Dolphin developer Appaloosa Interactive.

The twist is that you get to "be" the shark, chomping your way through all manner of destructible environments and tearing your victims apart piece by piece thanks to the game's "dismemberment engine."

Infected, on the other hand, is a third-person shooter for the PSP set in New York City, where a strange virus is turning the locals into homicidal maniacs. The game features a new multiplayer system titled "chain infections" where you can create unique characters and send them to a friend's PSP, whereupon the character will set about wreaking havoc in their single player game. It's being developed by Planet Moon Studios.

Majesco is doubtless hoping that sales of both titles will give the company a much needed boost - net revenues for the third quarter 2005 are down to $4.6 million from $34 million the previous year. Majesco blamed the drop on market conditions, increased provisions for price protection and the fact that not many people have bought their games lately.

Other forthcoming Majesco titles include Teen Titans, based on the DC Comics characters, and movie tie-in Aeon Flux. Both games are due out on PS2 and Xbox next year.

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