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Mace Griffin Cube canned

Hunted into extinction.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Reports from the US state that Mace Griffin: Bounty Hunter will not appear on the GameCube, with the North American PC version also canned. It's still due out over here on the beige box, and has actually picked up some fairly decent early reviews.

Mace Griffin is an odd one, split between publishers EA (PC) and Vivendi-Universal Games (PS2, Xbox, Cube), although interestingly American reports are naming VU Games as the source of the "no PC version for North America" claim. Presumably the publishing arrangement is even more convoluted on a global scale.

Regardless of that, it does seem fairly likely that the Cube version has been canned. The last VU schedule we saw focused more on the PS2 and Xbox versions, and given the negligible sales potential of most unlicensed, original third party productions on the GameCube, you can sort of see their point.

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