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MMOG romance ends in divorce

And bizarre custody battle.

So what's more important to you - the roof over your head or the characters you've created in your favourite MMORPG?

For a Mr. Wang of Chongqing, China, it's definitely the latter. He's currently involved in a bitter dispute over ownership of characters and virtual items in Legend of Mir 2 with his soon-to-be ex-wife, Ms. Ye.

According to the Chongqing Business Post, Ye and Wang met online whilst playing the game last September and married four weeks later. Over the following months they jointly opened more than ten LoM2 accounts and attained level 40 to 50 status for all of their characters, before deciding to divorce in June.

Now the couple are locked in a struggle to decide who should get to keep the accounts and items acquired, said to be worth up to 50,000 yuan - around £3500.

Wang wants to hang on to them, and has offered to give Ye full ownership of the apartment they share in return. But Ye's having none of it - she wants to sell the flat and split the cash, and divide the LoM2 accounts equally. Now their lawyers are attempting to find a compromise, but no one's budging so far.

So when it comes to sticky divorces, are MMORPG disputes the new child custody battles? Who knows what the future holds...